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Partnership Support Officer

Samantha Scotchbrook

Sam is the Partnership Support Officer for AICD she worked in the voluntary sector for over 25 yearsstarting out as a volunteer with Citizens Advice has had many roles within CAB more recently as aManager of Citizens Advice . With her wealth of advice knowledge and experience she now leads onthe Advice in County Durham Partnership which is a partnership of advice and support providerswithin County Durham with partners from the voluntary sector, social enterprise and statutory sector organisations.


Jamie Bell

Jamie is responsible for the data management and maintenance of the portal as well as helping to provide training and support to members of the Advice in County Durham Partnership that use the portal.Jamie is vital for the smooth-running of the system.

Portal Host

Signum Health

Signum Health powers the AiCD Referral Portal. Signum Healths mission is to build and connect solutions that focus on user need, privacy and security, interoperability, openness and inclusion.Their Hybrid Technology Platform Combines Case Management, Referral Management, and Condition Specific Care Modules.They provide connectivity across community referral networks, providing care for all people, drive measurable impact, and deliver data to bridge gaps in community care.